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A beautiful example of a traditional Japanese Kimono. This Kimono is a full length Gentleman’s robe which drops to the ankles. It has collars and wide sleeves. It has two pockets on the front and a belt. The Kimono is wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right. In the Japanese culture Kimono’s can be worn on special occasions such as wedding, funerals, tea ceremonies, or festivals. This particular Kimono has a lovely shine, luxurious feel and elegant embroidery in shades of yellow, gold & white. It has traditional embroidered symbols on the front and the back of the sleeves, on both sides, to the left and the right of the chest and a striking Dragon on the rear of both sides. The Dragon itself is Embellished gold, yellow, white and Metallic thread and is real spectacle. Medium: Chest Circumference 118cm – Drop 122cm Large: Chest Circumference 124cm – Drop 122cm XL: Chest Circumference 130cm – Drop 127cm XXL Chest Circumference 138cm – Drop 130cm


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