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AA Ultimate First Aid Kit, Conforms to DIN 13164 Standard, Black

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Style Name:AA Ultimate First Aid Kit

The AA Ultimate First Aid Kit is ideal for car, camping or caravanning. Contained within an easy-to-carry storage pouch, this extensive first aid kit contains:< br>
6 x wound dressings (10cm x 10cm)
2 x triangular badges (136cm x 96cm x 96 cm)
2 x first aid dressings (40cm x 60cm)
1 x first aid dressing (60cm x 80cm)
3 x first aid compress (8cm x 10cm)
2 x bandages (4m x 6cm)
3 x bandages (4m x 8cm)
1 x emergency blanket (160cm x 210cm)
8 x adhesive plasters (10cm x 6cm)
1 x pair of scissors
1 x adhesive tape (5m x 2.5cm)
1 x information sheet
1 x emergency procedures sheet

Content complies with DIN 13164 standard.


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